About Us

In Elite Aesthetics, surgery is more than just a technique; it is an art. It is a symphonic harmony between expertise, distinguished education, and creative immagination. Each patient is approached differently, because each individual is unique. That is why from our precise consultations to recovery period and routine check-ups, each patient’s unique needs are tended accordingly.

At Elite Aesthetics we know that comfort is a necessity for ultimate recovery results.

That is why we offer our patients top provisions and a staff well educated in not only the medical field, but also in the Czech, English, German, and Russian languages. For convienence, we are located in a quiet quarter near the center of Prague with easy access to public transportation and the airport. Also, cooperation with our sister clinics in Ingolstadt, Germany and in Chotoviny, Czech Republic gives our patients the opportunity to enjoy our services at a location more convenient for them.

At Elite Aesthetics, our ultimate goal is our patient’s satisfaction and healthy recovery.

For this reason, we ask our patients to book an induvidual consultation and encourage them to have their questions answered by one of our medical staff.